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Taylored Fire Protection Systems and Engineering Services

Tikva boasts NICET-certified designers and Professional Engineers dedicated to crafting fire protection systems tailored precisely to your requirements. With NICET Level IV designers boasting decades of industry experience, we guarantee top-notch expertise.


Allow Tikva Security to meticulously design your fire protection system while ensuring a harmonious balance between your organization's needs and those of all stakeholders. Trust us to minimize your fire protection costs and deliver operational tranquility for your organization.

Fire Alarm System Installations, Maintenance and Compliance Services

At Tikva, we excel in fire alarm installation and commissioning with decades of experience. Our direct distribution ensures top-tier service at competitive prices.

From small structures to high-rises, we handle all projects, adhering to local laws and insurance requirements. Our NICET-certified technicians provide servicing, inspection, and installation of top fire alarm systems with cutting-edge training.

Choose Tikva for reliable, professional service. Safeguarding lives and property is our priority. Contact us today to enhance your business's safety.

Commercial Fire Alarm Programs

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance:

Ensure compliance and reliability with thorough inspections, testing, and ongoing maintenance.


Installations, Designs & Upgrades:

Tailored solutions for your commercial space, including expert installations, designs, and seamless upgrades.

Central Station Monitoring:

24/7 monitoring services for immediate response and enhanced security.


Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors:

Advanced detectors for comprehensive protection against CO and smoke hazards.


Radio Communication Systems:

Reliable communication systems to ensure seamless coordination during emergencies.

Leading Manufacturers:

Benefit from our servicing of industry-leading fire alarm systems and integrated technology from renowned manufacturers.

Siemens Fire





Silent Knight



Kiddie Fire


Firelite by Honeywell




We distribute fire alarm systems from 


We support our customer as possible with the following systems

Fire Alarm & Integrated Technology Products:

Detection Systems:

Flame Detection System

Heat Detection System

Linear Heat Detection System

Beam Smoke Detection System

Optical Flame System

Air Sampling Detection System

Water Flow Detection System

Smoke Detection System

Flammable Gas Detection System


Additional Features:

High-rise/Fireman Phones

Discover a comprehensive array of cutting-edge products for heightened safety and detection capabilities.

Emergency call and Nurse Call System

Enhance patient and resident safety with Tikva's Nurse Call Systems with over 40 years of experience serving healthcare facilities across New York City, our solutions include emergency call, UL 1069 nurse call, and wander management features. Our systems are cost-effective, versatile, and seamlessly integratable with existing facility communication and IT systems.


Designed as early warning systems, our nurse call solutions ensure timely response to patient needs, allowing nurses to oversee emergencies efficiently. Whether you aim to improve patient safety, streamline staff workflow, or provide peace of mind to loved ones, our professionally installed systems are essential for healthcare professionals.


Experience the industry's most advanced emergency call platform, offering real-time monitoring, detection, and notification capabilities. Administrators and caregivers can access a comprehensive 360° view of resident needs and status from anywhere in the facility, be it the workstation or via mobile app.


Our firm is dedicated to meeting your healthcare facility's special needs, ensuring continuous communication between patients and healthcare staff for optimal care. Contact us today for more information on our latest nurse call solutions, promising improved safety, communication, and efficiency in your healthcare facility.

Wander Management Guard System

Ensuring the safety of your residents is paramount, especially when it comes to wander management.


Wandering residents, particularly those in dementia or memory care units, pose numerous risks that can lead to permanent and catastrophic outcomes. Whether due to confusion, seeking something or someone, or simply being lost, the potential dangers are significant. Without proper monitoring, residents may find themselves in unsafe areas of a facility or even elope unnoticed.


While installing a wandering resident security system cannot prevent every scenario, it should be a central component of any wander prevention program.


Our wander management solutions allow you to:


Monitor wandering residents or high-risk patients while respecting their freedom of movement.

Secure specific doors and sound alarms if a resident attempts to leave.

Track the exact location of wander-prone individuals and set up rules to automatically trigger alerts or alarms.

Take immediate action to protect residents based on notifications received via a mobile app.

Whether you need basic access control or a more dynamic system to manage traffic flow, our wander management experts can design a solution tailored to your facility's needs and budget.

To best support our customers we have build an extensive network supporting these leading brands.